Coffee Confectionary

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Everyone loves coffee, don’t they? Especially those with a sweet tooth. Some people even treat the glorious latte as a dessert and enjoy themselves with a sugar loaded coffee after they’ve had cake or other exciting treats. It’s not often that you’ll find too much distance between sugar and caffeine, and now you can find a number of different confectionary treats that blend these two favourites.

Coffee truffles

What is a truffle? Well it’s a chocolate outer shell with some lightly whipped chocolate in the centre. And if this doesn’t sound like it’s the most heavenly sweet on earth consider what it might be like if a touch of coffee is added into the mix. We’re talking one of the most delightful chocolates you’ll find anywhere and a truly scrumptious addition to most common Christmas boxes.

Coffee creams

In many ways one of the truest English confectionary items is the famous boiled sweet. You can find these in a number of flavours including classics like the army and navy drop or the rhubarb and custard. If however it’s a latte style taste that you’re after then the coffee cream is the confectionary for you. This harder candy is a real taste of the past combined with the flavours of the barista.

Chocolate coffee beans

A real favourite amongst coffee lovers, chocolate covered coffee beans are perhaps one of the simplest coffee sweets out there. Made from drenching some of the nicest roast beans in dark chocolate, these little wonders are a caffeine addicts dream. Sometimes you’ll see them in milk and white chocolate versions, but the darker, heavier cocoa blends are the perfect complement to the bitterness of the bean.

Kopiko coffee sweets

Confectionary that’s made with real Java coffee in two delicious flavours. There’s the standard coffee sweet and then the cappuccino version that combines toffee and coffee. These hard candies are delicious and capture some of the best notes of the Java blend and give you a real sugar kick too. Hugely popular in Thailand, this sweet is about to take the round the world trip and land in your shopping basket.

Of course, there are times when coffee sweets and confectionary simply won’t hit that caffeine itch and you’re left longing for a cup of the dark stuff. In those times it’s always best to take a look at the Freshpac catalogue and see what we have on offer. Top blends and beans from around the world grace our website, giving you a chance to get your taste-bud involved with some of the best flavours available.