Add a little vinegar to keep your coffee maker clean!

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You know how we’re always on the look out for handy hints and tips to pass on that might help you keep your coffee and coffee making equipment ship shape right? Well, here’s a short guide to cleaning the mold - yes mold! - out of your domestic coffee maker! Mold growing in your coffee maker isn’t limited to a particular brand of coffee maker either, it’s because of the warm moist environment that the glass carafe offers.

Apparently, the glass carafes are prone to build ups of mold which isn’t a surprise because mold loves to grow in warm and moist nooks and crannies. But sadly hot water alone isn’t enough to kill the mold. You should follow the steps here but basically, to stop the build up you need to wash out the carafe every time you use it with warm soapy water and then mix up a vinegar and water solution and decalcify the glass reservoir too.