Another reason to drink a morning coffee!

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Coffee - is it good for us, or it is bad for us? Over the years we have been swamped with information advising us of the effects of caffeine on our bodies, although recent research has proved this is not the case. Coffee is the second most used commodity in the world and every day we are drinking more and more, it was therefore a pleasure to read an article, written by Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, who wrote about why you will benefit from drinking your morning coffee. Her article focused on the benefits that coffee provides to keeping your skin healthy. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant, so not only do those properties keep your skin healthy whilst protecting it from ultraviolet light, it protects against disease. More recent research now suggests the coffee you drink may protect you from skin cancer as well.

As we all know, too much coffee can give you the jitters - but drinking coffee in moderation means the antioxidants are keeping your skin healthy and fighting disease. Happy drinking!