Cameroon Boyo - much more than fair trade

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We are proud to roast and introduce the fantastic coffee from Cameroon Boyo.  Matti has been working very hard over the years to establish and promote a network of coffee farmers based in the Northwest area of Cameroon (the Boyo region).  This project enables groups of farmers to come together to promote excellence in coffee farming and positive business practices.  Small lot farmers join together to form centres of excellence and collaborate to produce high grade coffees which are sold directly to roasters like us.  Working together the farmers can ensure that best practices are maintained from plant growth to shipping.  Forming these circles of excellence enables the farmers to take control of the quality and therefore can ensure the best price for their coffee, for which they get paid directly by the roaster.  The farmers can make more investments not only in their own future but their families future for generations to come, this makes the coffee much more than "fair trade".

The coffee is of course as important as the projects aims, this is very clear when you see and taste it. 

The striking characteristics of the coffee is the direct result of the nutrient rich, dark volcanic top soil and the ideal climatic conditions of the Boyo region. Each year, the blossoming of the coffee plants coincides with the onset of the first rains. As Nature waters Boyo, she brings additional nutrients down from the upper slopes of the volcanic mountains, further nourishing the coffee plants. Just as the coffee berries start to ripen, the dry season sets in, blessing the hills with daily doses of brilliant sunshine. This sunshine allows the coffee berries to quickly attain their optimal sugar content. This is the secret of Cameroon BOYO™ Coffee’s wonderful flavour.

We are passionate about this project and the coffee; keep an eye out for more news to come.

In the meantime if you would like to try the Boyo coffee or would like more information please call us, we will be more than happy to help!