Chinese dragon serves tea!

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WOW! We sell some beautiful little extras to go with our tea but this 19th Century tea service is something else entirely and it’ll cost you over £6000! Well, it would have if you had bid for it. The sale is long since over but it’s still worth a gander.

As the description says, it comes complete with “matching teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, each finely chased with a writhing four-clawed dragon on each side between bamboo-shaped handles and spouts, the teapot finial shaped as a blossoming prunus spray and the body inscribed, the tray with each handle formed as an elegant three-clawed dragon curling around to grasp its tail, the border with repoussé peonies and the centre incised with branches of leafy peony.”

Now that’s bang for your buck! Or dragon more accurately.

Whatever next? A diamond studded tea pot?

Image credit: Bonhams.