Why Independent Coffee shops are great for Artists

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If you want to be creative you can always hole up in the home office or studio and take in some deeply meditative time to absorb and feel the moment – or you can get out into the wider world for inspiration. Coffee shops are one of the best places for aspiring and established artists to mix with the universe. And it’s those little independent places that offer the best vibes - so let’s explore some of the reasons why…

The atmosphere

With loads of people working and meeting, the throng of conversation and the spirit lifting smells of coffee swirling through the tables, there’s something special about the independent coffee-shop. It’s where we meet, lovers chat, friends catch up and rich conversation flows like the generous liquid in your cup. If that doesn’t stir the creative juices, then we don’t know what will…

The people

You’ll often see a cooler, hipper type of crowd frequenting an independent coffee shop, whereas the city based franchise places are more often the den of the corporate hard-cases. Many of these people will be happy to spark up a quick conversation, and you could always ask for a little bit of critical feedback over your coffee if you’re feeling brave. And there’s definitely something to be said about getting out into the wider world rather than sitting there stuck on your PC.

The surroundings

With smaller coffee shops the owners are free to give the establishment its own personality and look. This means bean bags, short tables, ethnic flavour and all kinds of trinkets and touches to give the place a load of character. Immersive environments can make you feel like you’re in another world, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re an artist or writer looking to escape it all and come up with a work of brilliance.

And of course… The coffee!

Everyone can have trouble dealing with focus and motivation. Coffee is a great stimulant, with the power to give you that extra slice of get up and go no matter what’s happening in the outer reaches of your day. Whether you like a nice strong blend of African flavours or you prefer a richer, darker caramel and chocolate tone from South America, there’s a certain zing you won’t find anywhere else.

But if you can’t make it to the coffee shop, then you can always indulge in your daily dose of caffeinated fun with a load of top quality coffee from the Freshpac gang. Simply check out our wonderful flavours online and choose the one that suits your palate the best…