Make Your Own Coffee Art

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Whilst most of us seem content to drink coffee, there are a number of people out there who are taking this dark liquid in a whole new direction. Did you know there’s a whole artistic movement full of individuals who are painting with coffee and making pictures with the leftover grinds that they’re finding in the bottom of their cups? If like us you’re unaware of this exciting world, then join us as we dive into coffee art.

Creamy Dreams

One of the most old school and commonplace forms of coffee art is the patterning effect that’s often used on the top of milky lattes and cappuccinos. There are tools and spoons that help create standard effects, but the skilled barista will be able to literally paint pictures in the top of your brew. With flowers and faces amongst the most popular forms of this art, sometimes your cup of coffee will look too good to drink?

Coffee Painting

Why not simply dip your paintbrush into a cup of coffee and start the painting process? Use the fantastic brown liquid to start plastering lines and images onto a piece of paper and voila - you have your own work of art. There’s nothing too dissimilar to creating a charcoal sketch or a monochrome image in black and white and you might even find that using a single colour improves your light and texture work.

Grind it Out

For the real accomplished textural or modern artist there’s always the possibility of using coffee grinds to create art. Whether you mix these with clay to form a special kind of sculpting material or simply use the grainy material to spell out designs on a plain piece of white paper there’s a delightful quality and tone to any piece created in this way. Let your imagination run riot and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Whatever kind of artwork you want to make out of your coffee make sure you use a Freshpac blend. We’re not saying that our coffee will make you into the next Picasso or Rembrandt, but you can use it to make a delicious brew whilst you’re indulging your more creative side.