Fantastic Coffee Cup Art by Rob Draper

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Take a look at these beautiful coffee cup illustrations created by Rob Draper - showing us how we can make a little more of our disposable coffee cups rather than just throwing them away - beat that Blue Peter!

In his own words this is "An ongoing project of hand drawing art and lettering onto discarded, everyday objects, this time onto disposable coffee cups."

Rob - you're being far too modest - these truly are beautiful works of art. We especially like the "anti-yawn, dream big and Monday (you came so soon) illustrations and perhaps the "storm in a coffee cup" is our favourite. Rob clearly has a knack for capturing the essence of what coffee is all about and how it helps us through the day (especially Mondays).

How about creating one or two more? We were thinking of "Wake me up before you go-go!" - subject to Wham's approval of course - or "How are you doing old bean?"

Let us know :)