Coffee in Desserts

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If you’re like us then you probably already think that coffee is simply great. Those out there with a sweet tooth might think there’s a way to make it even better. And you’re probably already two steps ahead of us if you read the title, as we’re talking about putting coffee into desserts. 

Whilst there are literally loads of coffee based desserts out there on the restaurant stage, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourites…

Coffee Eclairs

If you’re a fan of cream cakes and coffee then there’s nothing quite like a coffee eclair to combine these two sweet-treat fancies. With the delicious taste of choux pastry supporting a ton of thick, rich cream coupled with that thick confectionary icing that’s too sweet on its own.

Walnut and Coffee Cake

When those crunchy walnuts, that delicious coffee cream icing and moist cake all come together in a glorious taste explosion in your mouth it’s almost irresistible. When we say almost, we mean you can only avoid it if you’re strapped down in a chair with no means of escape. Otherwise a meeting between this dessert and your lips is simply inevitable.

Coffee Ice Cream

It’s cold. It’s slippery. And it’s like a sweet, milky cup of frappe. If you like your desserts with a touch of ice about them then there’s definitely something to be said for coffee ice cream. Serious bean-heads can find their way to bitter and dark flavours too, right through to cappuccino creams.

White Russians

Although it’s not quite a dessert, you’ll have to admit that White Russians are a rare treat. Made popular by The Dude in the classic film The Big Lebowski, they combine the delicate flavours of full fat milk, vodka and the coffee flavoured liqueur kaluha. The end result is a truly tasty drink that hits the spot for coffee fans every time.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

If you’re a really coffee head and like your big buzz any time of the day or night, then chocolate covered coffee beans are a must have. This crazy confectionary gives you fully roasted beans dipped in the dark and sweet stuff for a high that hits all the right notes.

Of course sometimes you’re completely done after your delicious steak dinner and you couldn’t eat another morsel. At these times you might find that there’s still one thing left on the menu that you can’t do without - and that’s a delicious cup of coffee

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