Coffee is a Fruit!?

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Apparently yes, coffee is a fruit, or rather the bean is a fruit, not the drink. So says Tipsy Writer who has compiled a list of nine very interesting facts about coffee. So I guess that means we can count coffee as one of our five-a-day. Yay! The beans are actually seeds but called beans because they look like, well, beans :)

But seriously, there are some very interesting facts on her list.

It's no surprise to learn that Americans drink the most coffee - importing about $8 BILLION dollars' worth each year, making it the second most traded commodity globally - but did you know that it's New Yorkers who drink SEVEN times as much coffee as everyone else - wow - that's a lot of coffee.

And while we all know one too many cups of coffee can make you run around like the Mad Hatter, did you know it's possible to overdose on coffee? Apparently so. But no need to panic just yet. The amount of water you'd have to drink would actually kill you before the caffeine would. Phew! Maybe it's the water that needs a warning label ;)

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