Coffee versus tea - which is better?

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The reason we sell tea and coffee is simple and obvious: we like it, our customers like it and you could even probably say that most of the other people on the planet like it! And while we wouldn’t like to deliberately set our customers against each other, we could say they fall into one of two camps: either they’re a tea lover or a coffee addict. It doesn’t matter to us which one, we’re happy to help them enjoy their favourite brew.

This isn’t just a Norfolk thing either, this division exists across the world so it seems. Some countries love their filter coffee or instant beans while others prefer letting their tea stew in a pot. The US for example is a coffee nation, but the UK and many parts of Asia definitely have much more of a tea culture. That said, many people do enjoy both drinks, especially in the morning, waking up with a tea and then having a coffee break mid-morning or vice versa.

is there something more to this than meets the eye? Is one better for you than the other? It seems they both appear to have a wide range of pros and cons going for them. You decide.