Best Sports Drinks

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There’s lots of ways you can get involved with sports. You can join a team, simply play against a friend or simply watch the big events on TV or live. However, what are the best kinds of classic drinks to take in when you sporting it up? In our quick guide we reveal our tip top tipples to have with some of the most popular sports out there. Of course it’s not too serious a guide and we’d recommend you take it with a bit of tongue in cheek.  


Essentially a summer game, cricket takes quite a bit of time to complete and there’s not much in the way of action for long periods. For this reason we’d suggest a nice slow drink that keeps its flavour all day. Iced coffee is the ideal tipple for those involved both watching this sport, those in the field and possibly even batsmen who are able to take a sip in between balls.


Tennis is high energy and you can’t do much in between serves and sets. The action is non-stop and you have to keep on moving at all times jumping around and hitting those balls backhand to forehand. For this reason you need something short and strong that can integrate with the way you play the sport. There’s nothing better in such situations than an espresso, which manages to give you a boost without taking away from your performance.


The quintessential sport of the Englishman, so how about a good old fashioned cup of halftime tea? Whether it’s bought from a little van outside the ground of you’ve queued up amongst the beer monkeys to grab a little slice of relaxation, tea is the perfect accompaniment for a game of football. We’re even sure that the players used to enjoy a cup once upon a time too, back when halftime oranges were the thing and the ball was hewn out of pure lead.


Want to get out there and get physical? Rugby’s one of those games where you simply can’t let it go and you have to keep on fighting. For this reason you need a drink that’s going to give you a great big milky hug at the end of it all and that’s a latte. Whether you like it with a bit of vanilla or a plain old creamy style, you can’t beat it.