Coffee in Space

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So we were wondering if there were any places in the world where you perhaps wouldn’t like to drink coffee. One obvious answer was what about those out of the world places?

Surely it’s not good to drink coffee onboard the International Space Station. Doesn’t the remote nature of this orbiting craft, coupled with the lack of gravity mean that getting a good, hot cup of joe is a difficult task.

Well apparently the scientists behind the space station think that a brew is simply too good to miss. As a result they’ve created a special percolator known as the ISSpresso that does all the hard work of making coffee in space. Who would have thought it?

Developed in Torino, Italy, the futuristic coffee maker has now featured on over forty of the International Space Station missions. It’s not only able to produce coffee, but also works a great cup of tea and soup. We’re pretty sure on this account that it can probably do a great herbal tea too, but we’re not sure whether scientists go for peppermint or camomile.

The device uses pressure technology to boil water and make espresso coffees in zero gravity. As with many inventions coming out of the NASA labs, there are some out there who are undoubtedly keen to see if the coffee produced could in any way make its way into the mouths of those on planet earth.

The main question being asked is whether the ISSpresso adds anything for the gourmet bean fanatic. Are there any subtle flavours or nuances that are enhanced by this amazing piece of modern machinery?

Unsurprisingly there’s one thing about the ISSpresso that’s not out of this world. And that’s the way in which you have to fill it up. You still have to take it over to the water source and plug it in somewhere.

It seems that no matter where we are in the universe, there will always be an argument about who needs to go and fill up the kettle and make a coffee. Fortunately however, they’ll also be those lovely moments of relaxation sharing a hot heartwarming drink together.

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