Coffee Flavours from Around the World

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People want more from their coffee these days. It’s not enough to simply serve Kenco any more and even the bigger high street coffee houses are struggling to keep up despite their special blends. We’re now seeing an increasing number of cool independent coffee houses serving unique regional blends. To help you keep up with the pace of change, we’ve decided to put together something of a bluffer’s guide to ensure that you have a fighting chance of knowing what’s what from the world of coffee.


Renowned for a low acidity and a high, almost sweet taste there’s something to definitely love about the flavour profile of Colombian coffee. Said to have a caramel flavour that verges on the sweeter side of cooked sugars, the light and refreshing mildness of this coffee is a definite winner.


One of the biggest coffee producers in the world, Brazil is almost like a continent in its own right with a massive amount of coffee farms producing the world’s favourite drinks. There’s more than enough flavour in the chocolate and hazelnut flavoured blends that you’ll find from this great nation.


Fully of delicious and fresh tones, Guatemalan coffee is known for being some of the freshest and punchiest you’ll find on today’s market. Full of grapefruit and mandarin flavours there’s a definite sunshine theme to this African coffee that makes it one of the best when you’re looking for that wake up call in the morning.


With a vast expanse of territory there’s a huge range of flavour profiles available from Ethiopian coffees. From the stronger tastes that tend to offer the heavier wine type flavours through to more floral blends that pack in a sugary undertone, this is definitely a drink for the sharper end of the market/

So as a rule of thumb African flavours tend to be more acidic and verge on the fruity. If you can taste citrus in your brew then the chances are it’s from this location. However, chocolate, nutty and even milky tastes are a great indicator that you have stumbled across something from the warm climes of South America.

If you want to sup upon some of the world's best coffees however to make up your mind on the flavour profiles for yourself, then there’s plenty of different flavours waiting for you at Freshpac - simply have a browse and experiment until you find one that suits your style.