Fancy a bit of ginger in your tea?

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There's nothing logical about putting ginger in your tea - not at first sight at least. Why would anyone think when looking at the wonky beige root vegetable "Ah! I know, I'll grate some of that and put it in my tea!" If they did, surely that means they've tried the same with carrots, parsnips and maybe even a turnip or two! Turnip tea... hhhmmm, now there's an idea. But seriously. People have indeed been putting ginger in their tea for quite some time now.

Like most of the spices we take for granted these days, ginger came to us through India, in the 1st Century as a result of the lucrative spice trade. Our Roman occupiers imported all manner of spices, first to Rome and then to the rest of their empire. And whether they knew it or not, adding a sliver or two to your daily brew can have remarkable affects. The health benefits are clear to see (or taste): from improving blood circulation and stomach performance, to strengthening immunity and even it appears improving fertility! What more does a marauding army of Roman foot soldiers need to keep them fighting fit ;)

WOW! That's powerful stuff.