Fish in a tea cup?

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OK. We have to admit, this blog post is not actually about tea or coffee in the strictest of sense but we found something online that we thought was really, really funny and it had the word "tea" in it so we thought why not share it. Makes a "tea-break" from the usual.

Now lots of people wonder what the point of twitter is, and quite a few conpanies also wonder how they can use it to connect with their customers. Well this example of a copy writer whose twitter name is @TeaAndCopy (there's the reference to tea and coffee) tweeting Sainsbury's about a missing bar cod(e) from a packet of battered fish is one of the best examples we've seen. And the funniest too. Yes it might be a PR stunt but so what, it's still funny and worth a tweet. Maybe we should start a tea and coffee tweet session with them... might be a good way to stir things up and espresso ourselves and not leaf anyone wondering what it is we sell and how we like to engage with our customers!