Freshly ground coffee versus instant

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Just like football, coffee also appears to be a game of two halves. Or more accurately, a world of two halves. According to this map of how instant coffee and fresh coffee is spread, drinkers fall into two distinct halves: with the notable exception of India and Japan, the rest of asia and the UK and Australia prefer instant, while the vast majority of the Americas and Europe prefer fresh coffee - by which they mean filter coffee.

The report goes on to explain why this could be and mentions that the convenience and branded experience of instant coffee make it an attractive consumer product in emerging coffee markets, while in established markets, instant coffee is still trying to shed its commodity image. They also point out that China, Russia and Turkey, the traditional tea drinking countries, also prefer instant coffee.

Well, whichever you happen to prefer we can cater to both. We have a fine selection of instant coffee for vending machines and a whole host of filter coffees and beans, decaf or the full Monty!