What your coffee cup says about you

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Yes it’s another one of our less serious articles. We could wax on lyrically about the origins of coffee and the place its held in cultures over the years, but who wants to know that? Why not try a different route to entertainment and see what kind of person you are merely from the coffee cup you use? It could be a real eye opener and help you understand something that you never knew about yourself.

Styrofoam cup

If you love the traditional coffee receptacle that is a Styrofoam or plastic cup then the chances are you’re the type who likes to live life on the edge and you’re only drinking from the machine because you forgot to buy an energy drink in the morning. Coffee underlines everything you do and helps you keep your fast paced life energised, awake and active. Good for you. And it’s a good thing coffee is good for you.

Tall glass

If you’re the type of coffee lover who likes it in a tall glass then the chances are you’re probably the sort who also enjoys a slice of biscotti and flavoured syrups in your latte. Young, vibrant and possibly in the creative world you know what you like and coffee for you is an art-form. You don’t drink many cups in a day, but when you do it’s a case of immersing yourself in sweet and milky folds of this dessert like drink. You’re definitely not eternally self indulgent, you simply know how to be this way when you want.


Go on then. Tell us honestly. What is your number? Or basically how many cups do you drink in a day. Those who have mugs, especially those who have a favourite mug tend to be the most voracious drinkers of coffee, putting back the caffeine from the moment they arrive at work until the last hour of the afternoon. There’s nothing wrong with this practice, simply make sure that you manage to give the cup a wash once in a while.

Thermos flask cup

Do you have one of those special cups that keeps your coffee warm no matter how long waits you take between sips. You’re possibly quite into the slow burn of caffeine, using it to slowly supplement your energy levels throughout the day. A considered type, you like to take your time to make decisions whether they’re small and simple or big and important. You know how you like things done and that’s at your own pace, no matter what and without question.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little fun article that’s no doubt given you a vital insight into your own psyche and possibly shown you a side of yourself that you never knew. Of course, we’re only teasing, but no matter how you like to drink your coffee, one thing is for sure and that’s you should always purchase it from Freshpac.