What Does Your Coffee Say About You

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With the arrival of continental style cafe culture in the UK, we are now drinking our coffee in a number of different styles. Gone are the days when we simply plopped for a bit of instant in a mug with a dash of milk and hot water. Instead now we like our cappuccinos, lattes and americanos from first thing in the morning, to in some cases, last thing at night. So what does your choice of coffee say about you?


You’re a middle of the road type guy or girl and you don’t like things to be too rough or smooth in your life. You enjoy friends, company and are a go with the flow type who doesn’t want to experience the extremes of life. Sociable, always good with people, bright and positive you like to drink a latte as a backdrop to easy laid back conversation with friends.


More of an expressive type you like the indulgent side of life. Always arriving at the party at just the right time, you’re a social hit who loves to converse and doesn’t have a problem with being the centre of attention. Lavish and perhaps even flamboyant in your gestures, you enjoy that first sweet hit of a cappuccino giving you an extra reason to smile.


Strong, hot and often without milk, Americano drinkers are usually a breed apart. Driven and determined you’re the shaker and mover in this world and you might not always have time for other people, but when you do you’re always on time and usually your phone is on silent. There’s nothing you like more than trialling the diverse blends of coffee and many of you out there consider yourselves gourmets.


Always on the move and living life at a considerable pace, you’re an artist or creative who likes to get back to the more important task of your work and process. With everything going for you, the chances are you have many balls up in the air and might even appear rushed to some. Truth of the matter is of course that you always have time to talk to the most important people in your life - even if that is for only the moment it takes you to knock back this shot of coffee.

So there we have it, our wry and sideways look at the way in which your coffee is a statement of your life and perhaps even your deeper identity. Especially if you’re the type of person who lives in a mug and likes to be gently stirred with a spoon. Of course, there are probably lots of you reading this who are thinking - I’m nothing like this so remember it’s all in good humour.

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