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Is your love a coffee lover?       Why not surprise them this Valentine’s Day with a special meal   made with there favourite ingredient… coffee!      Le Porc au Café   Recipe By Franck Pontais       A delicious and surprising dish that makes four portions (plenty of leftovers)!       Fillet of Pork Marinated with Coffee and Spices with a Cucumber Salad and Coffee Dressing


Ingredients for the pork Filet of pork  -  2 each Ground coffee  -  2 tsp. Brown sugar  -  1 tsp. Paprika  -  1 tsp. Ground cumin  -  1 tsp. Ground white pepper  -  2 pinch Table salt  -  1 pinch Rapeseed oil  - 1 tsp.     

Ingredients for the cucumber salad Cucumber  -  1 each Crushed hazelnut  -  1 tsp. Ground coffee  -  1 pinch Rapeseed oil  -   2 tbsp. Golden syrup  -  ½ tsp. Cider vinegar  -  a drizzle Table salt  -  2 pinch White ground pepper  -  pinch


  • Trim and cut each fillet of pork into two.
  • Make the coffee marinade by mixing all together the ground coffee, brown sugar, paprika, ground cumin, ground white pepper and the table salt.
  • Roll each piece of pork in the dry marinade and leave aside in the fridge for 1 hour.
  • Pour some oil in a hot non-stick pan and sear the fillet on each side for 1 minute, finish to cook in a hot oven at 220c for 8 to 10 minutes, let it rest for 10 minutes before serving. Make the cucumber salad while the pork is cooking and resting.
  • Using a peeler, make fine strips of cucumber. Cut the strips into two if they are to long and reserve.
  • To make the dressing for the cucumber salad, place in a bowl the golden syrup, a pinch of ground coffee, cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Wisk in slowly the rapeseed oil and add the crushed hazelnut at the end.

Toss the cucumber in the dressing at the last minute and serve with some slices of filet of pork, garnish with Shiso purple salad and serve.