Juice for Moods

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We’re feeling very juicy today. You could even say a little fruity too. There is nothing more fun that a little bit of humour. So please don’t take this article too seriously as we take a different look at the world of fruit juices and suggest that some of our favourite drinks could give a little bit of a funky feeling every time you take a sip.


There’s a reason why they call this stuff sunshine in a glass. Just like a hot day, this refreshing liquid will give you a boost, a smile and a friendly demeanour throughout the day. With loads of different varieties available, each one has the power to put a different type of grin across your face, providing you with the spring in your step and get up and go to face anything the world has to throw your way.


Want to get down the gym? Fancy a boost of high performing vitality in your day? Then why not try some cranberry to pump up your vitals? This drink, which has only grown in popularity over the last few years, is perfect for all you fitness freaks as it has an uplifting effect that could add a few seconds to your personal best or help you lift that big set you’ve been wanting to pull.


Classic. English. Flavourful. There’s something so calming about a nice apple juice, don’t you think? Whether you’re sipping on the connoisseur stuff that has that tart summertime taste or you’re indulging yourself on some traditional clear, apple juice seems to take the weight of your troubles off your shoulders and gives you a chance to put everything in a simple and plain perspective. Go on, have a glass right now and see what you think.


This is a fairly new juice on the block, without the long standing pedigree of orange juice or any of its close companions like apple or grapefruit. As a result it has been fingered in our article to be the juice of compassion - when you need to sit down with a close friend and talk to them about some heartfelt issue, problem or challenge then why not indulge in this red juice of sensitivity that could help you get deep, deep down.


When you need to be sharp, decisive and on the ball raspberry is certainly the drink for you. This clever drink isn’t proven to boost brainpower and we cannot make any outlandish claims about it lending you any further cognitive abilities, but there is something very powerful about the way it creates a focus every time it hits your tongue and we simply have a feeling that this could make you a little smarter.

If you want to find out more about juices, then why not take a look at our selection? We have plenty of good, natural drinks available, all of which come up to the Freshpac standard that you know and love…