Holy Cow! Coffee's Mystic Roots

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Holy Cow! Coffee’s Mystic Roots Most of us in the Western world, especially those with hectic schedules would readily admit to using coffee as a way to perk us up and kick start the day, and then to keep us going when we need to push on through to the end of the day. This is nothing new and comes as no surprise either because the stimulating qualities of caffeine have been known for centuries. A Sufi holy man, legend has it, observed birds feasting on the coffee plant’s berries and witnessed their “vitality”. Upon trying the berries for himself he too felt more vibrant, and although it may have taken a while longer to perfect the filtering and brewing of the drink itself, the connection with vitality was born. The Sufi holy men then began using it as a way of staying alert and awake during their “devotions” and prayer, and some might say similar to how students might use it nowadays when cramming for their exams!