How to juggle coffee!

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So it’s time for a coffee break! Hooray! All you have to do now is figure out who’s round it is and get them on the case. No problem there, flip a coin, refer to the rota on the wall or entice someone with the offer of first choice of the biscuits.

The tricky bit is if the round happens to be more than two or three cups. OK, it’s not so tricky because you can use a tray but what if you could link all the mugs together instead and do away with the tray? Wouldn’t that be easier?

Well, as luck would have it, designer Jonathan Aspinall has come up with just such a thing. He’s designed a set of three ceramic coffee mugs that link together to make carrying them a doddle without a tray. So let’s hope you don’t have any more than three colleagues in the round ;)