How to Make Your Ideal Cup of Coffee

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We’re always banging on about what kind of coffee you should drink and how you should drink it - but this time out we’re taking a look at how you can make it. There are literally tons of different devices out there to help you make your hot cup of the dark stuff - so we thought we’d take you on a trip round some of the most popular together with a couple of our favourites.

Automatic Coffee Maker

Take all the difficulty out of the process by simply using an automatic coffee maker to get your brew going. These machines vary wildly, but it often seems that the payoff from not having to get too involved is often a decrease in flavour and strength. We’d always recommend using a method that gets you a little bit more involved, but if you’re a hands free man or woman this system is ideal.



One of the newer ways of enjoying a cup of coffee, the aeropress is a two part system that gives you a plunger style system. You simply slot in a filter into the bottom section of the unit, pour in your hot water on top of your ground coffee and voila - the coffee starts to brew. Place the plunger in the top and an airtight seal is formed. Give it five minutes and push down the plunger for a near perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Cone

If you like it old school then the coffee cone is definitely one way you can go. This classic piece of kit sees you dumping your ground coffee into a conical filter in a special cup. Pour on hot water and let the good stuff drip through. This is one of the classic ways of making your coffee and is known for creating a deep flavour packed with all the strength that you need to get you out of bed first thing in the morning.

French Press

Have you ever seen one of those little cafetieres with the push down plunger at the top of the unit? This is a French press and it’s one of the most popular machines for making a decent cup of coffee. You simply dump in your ground coffee to the strength you desire - and there’s nothing wrong with having it strong.  It uses a grill system to compress down the coffee, making sure you get a clean, pure brew.

No matter how you decide to make your coffee, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve made it with ground beans from the Freshpac selection. We have some exciting flavours from all over the world, each with their own individual taste. Stick with one of your favourites or jump between African and South America to keep things interesting. It’s all got that good, old fashioned boost you need.