Coffee Vs Energy Drinks

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In recent times some of coffee’s limelight has been stolen by energy drinks. These sweet, often sugary concoctions are generally loved by younger people and those who have to either work demanding jobs or those stuck for a novel mixer for their vodka and jagermeister.

There’s more than enough space on the shelves for both drinks, but we thought for a little bit of beans and giggles we’d compare the two and see which one comes out on top in our opinion.

  • Coffee is about flavour, not energy boosts - people drink coffee because the flavour is incredible. The lift the drink gives you is simply a bonus. Energy drinks on the other hand are all about simply giving you a massive dose of caffine and watching you hit the rush. One is certainly more satisfying whilst the other has a bit of a tendancy to leave you with the jitters.

  • Coffee is a social drink, not a wild guzzle - all too often you’ll see someone chug an energy drink at the last moment to make up for the fact that they’ve had no sleep. People simply don’t do the same thing with coffee, which is often drank by friends at meetings and chats as a heartwarming gesture of friendship.

  • Coffee doesn’t need to sponsor extreme sports events - whether it’s Formula One racing or some kind of dangerous off road biking, you can bet that energy drinks have a hand in it somewhere. Coffee on the other hand is about a laid back relaxation that doesn’t need to keep on pushing you into extreme sporting activities to be interesting.

  • Coffee is more natural and not so full of additives - coffee is ground down from wholesome beans and simply added to hot water and milk on occasion to create a tip top beverage. Energy drinks on the other hand are full of god knows what in order to create their totally unnatural taste.

  • Coffee has real history and character - energy drinks are a relatively new invention and thus have very little substance to their branding, usually relying on explosive tricks and tasteless garish gimmicks to add attention grabbing qualities to their brand. You don’t get any of this monkeying around with coffee, which effortlessly attracts aficionados and lovers without the growl.

So there we have it, in our estimation there’s plenty of reasons why you should be drinking coffee instead of energy drinks and if that’s not good enough for you, we suggest you ditch the energy brews and consider the possibility of turning in a little bit earlier at night.