The Medical Benefits of Caffeine

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Many people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Its gentle pick me up effects combined with a delicious flavour have made it a massive hit all over the globe, with many different varieties on offer.

With science always looking at the bigger picture, it seems that there are also a number of unexpected health benefits waiting for coffee drinkers. Whilst some may say too much of it is dangerous to your health, it seems there are definite plus points to a moderate dose in your life.  

Caffeine stimulates Hair Growth

Have you ever seen those adverts for caffeine hair shampoo? Wondered why the Germans are wasting good quality coffee on your scalp? Well apparently there is substantial medical research that states caffeine is able to not only stimulate you out of bed in the morning, but will also help your hair growth return to normal. We’re not sure if drinking coffee has the same effect, but it’s worth a try.

Caffeine can help detoxify the Liver

If you’re a heavy drinker then the morning coffee could be more than a pick me up. With considerable evidence out there suggesting that this wonder drink could help you flush out poisons and harmful trace elements from your liver, which could be especially useful if you’re a fan of aged liquors like whiskey and brandy.

Caffeine may decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s

With more of us now living to an older age, a common fear is developing a degenerative condition that could take away your awareness of self and leave you helpless inside your own body. Alzheimer’s is one such condition where you slowly lose your memory. The good news is that if you drink coffee you could well be more likely to hang on to your thoughts.

Caffeine could stop fast weight gain

There is now considerable data coming from Germany that suggests that coffee drinkers are less prone to putting on weight quickly. Whether this is because coffee is an appetite suppressing stimulant or because coffee actually helps speed up your metabolic rate and thus assists your body in burning more calories is still undecided. However, with the energy boost it can give you this makes coffee a must have for all the gym bunnies out there.

Caffeine aids with depression

Numerous studies now state the caffeine is one substance that can considerably help with the effects of depression. There is extensive evidence that links a good cup of coffee to a reduction in your chances of committing suicide.

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