Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Tea ceremony in Britain falls into one of two categories: afternoon tea or the tea break. If we’re talking afternoon tea then we’re talking the Ritz or some other fancy restaurant that will serve you a slice of Victoria sponge and your favourite brew in a bone china cup, perhaps even on a silver platter.

If we’re talking tea breaks then it’s a whole lot simpler: figure out who’s round it is and point them towards the kitchen. They boil kettle, put tea bag in, pour water in, leave to brew, stir, remove tea bag, add milk and sugar as desired, grab the biscuits and serve it up on a tray to your desk.

But what about other countries? Many of us have heard of the Japanese tea ceremony but what do we really know about it? Dating back a thousand or more years, it is clearly steeped in a lot of ancient history. It’s said that it even takes ten years to become an expert at it too - WOW - surely the water will have gone cold by then? But seriously, it’s truly an art form complete with its own unique utensils, special vocabulary, and even an etiquette for the drinker as well as rules of engagement for the maker!