How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

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There’s nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee. However, many of us don’t have time to grind up beans every day, preferring instead to opt for one of the many quality blends of ground coffee available.

From the moment coffee is ground from beans, it slowly loses its flavour. Coffee distributors keep their blends fresh by packing them in airtight, vacuum sealed bags, which are usually made out of foil or some similarly impermeable material.

Coffee is an expensive commodity, and a valued one too, especially when you’re buying gourmet beans and blends. With the huge variety of piquant and pungent flavours available in today’s coffee, the fine notes are often the first to disappear when your coffee isn’t stored correctly.

What’s the best way to keep your coffee so that the flavour is preserved, allowing you to step back to a delicious cup of the hot stuff, time after time?

Keep Your Coffee in the Fridge

One way you can help your coffee stay fresh is by storing it in the fridge in the original packaging. Heat and moisture are two factors that will dramatically increase the flavour loss from your coffee, so the cold, dry atmosphere in your fridge is actually the perfect place to keep your ground coffee.

Simply fold over the packaging and secure with a peg or clip to help keep your ground coffee fresh. Some people even suggest going one step further and storing your coffee in the freezer, as it doesn’t require any defrosting before use.

Buy Less Coffee More Regularly

Rather than buying huge packs of ground coffee, which then loses their flavour over time, leaving the last few cups from the bag lacking in taste, why not simply buy less?

Choosing to purchase smaller bags of ground coffee it might cost you a little more, but the benefit to the overall flavour should outweigh this expense. This is also perfect if you like to blend hop and try out different tastes.

Looking After Your Beans

If you prefer to make your coffee straight from beans, then we’d advise you to buy a sealed jar, allowing you to keep your beans in an airtight container. This will help them stay fresher for a longer time.

And then there’s nothing stopping you from keeping any excess ground coffee you make from your beans in the fridge or freezer, until you’re ready for another cup of the hot stuff.

However you decide to keep your coffee, it’s always best to buy beans and ground coffee from a premium supplier like Freshpac. To find out more about the different beans available take a look here.