Coffee on the Television

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Everyone loves a cup of coffee and those on the small screen are no different. We thought we’d take a little bit of a detour from the usual hot drink related information and take a look at some of the shows over the last few decades that have made coffee a big part of their production.


If you liked the early 2000s then you’ll be able to remember Futurama. This clever TV show gave you everything you could possibly want in terms of comic book style excellence and laughs a plenty. Who could forget the episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of java in a day and uses his twitchy nerves to save the whole of a concert hall from a huge potentially disastrous fire?

Twin Peaks

Lovers of the surreal and cult fiction aficionados still rave on to this day about the majesty of the awesome Twin Peaks. With agent Dale Cooper hot on the trail of the killer of Laura Palmer, there was nothing he liked better than to fuel his morning with a damn fine cup of coffee. A good guy on a mission who needed the caffeine to get his head round this truly weird set of goings on.


Who can forget the love affair of Rachel and Ross, with their friends Chandler, Monica, Ross and Phoebe kicking around in the background? If you haven’t forgotten you’ll most definitely recall Central Perk, the coffeehouse where the gang spent a whole load of their social time meeting new dates and discussing ones that were already over.

Better Call Saul

Whilst Breaking Bad was about crime and walking right into trouble, the spin-off series, Better Call Saul sees the antihero trying to avoid the gaze of the law. In this show the aberrant lawyer Saul Goodman working his proverbials off in a coffee shop whilst he serves pastries and cappuccinos to the public, an attempts to ‘go good’. With this series still in the early days, it might be that Saul isn’t pouring coffee for too long.

The great thing about coffee on the TV is that you can emulate your heroes with a flick of the switch on the kettle. Brew yourself up a nice hot mug of the black stuff and you have the perfect complement to your viewing pleasure.