Artisan slow roasted coffee in the heart of Suffolk

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We roast all of our coffee from our premises in Halesworth, Suffolk.  We carefully select and import the green beans, then slow roast them in our specially designed roaster. 

The best quality beans deserve to be treated with passion and care, this is why we slow roast.  Slow roasting really does make a difference. It allows us to balance the level of acidity and sweetness, to maintain the flavour, mouthfeel and the quality of the coffee.

We have a huge range of blends and single origin coffees including ethical products such as Rainforest Alliance, Cafe Femenino, Fair Trade and Bird Friendly.

We also have our new and exclusive Cameroon Boyo coffee, this high quality arabica coffee we buy direct from the farmers.  They benefit from the additional revenue generated from selling directly and also means we are able to have guaranteed quality direct from source.  More information coming soon.