Put some cork in your coffee!

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Our disposable coffee cups are certainly nice to look at and hold but if you don’t want to throw As the website says “The Cortiça mug is sustainable, friendly to the environment, a product that will last years and years, and that you’ll take everywhere with you to drink your coffee.” And there’s also a patent pending too just to show you how unique the  coffee mug really is.

Robert loves to drink his coffee from a porcelain mug - he is a self-confessed coffee connoisseur - but also likes to travels with it so a disposable cup isn’t really up to the job in this case. So after years of looking and trying all sorts of metal and plastic travel mugs he finally gave in and built one himself. You guessed it… from porcelain and cork! It’s perfect at keeping his coffee tasting the way he wants it to taste, hot, and it’s light too, it’s durable. And to add chocolate sprinkles to his cappuccino, it’s biodegradable which is perfect if he really did want to throw it away one day although we can’t imagine why on earth he would.