Pyramid Shaped Tea Bags Taste Better

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What's in a shape? A lot when it comes to brewing the nation's favourite drink it would seem. Apparently pyramid-shaped tea bags deliver a better taste because of their shape. The triangular structure allows more space for the leaves to infuse more quickly and that delivers a better taste!

With the tea market in the UK estimated to be worth £500 million a year, it's no wonder Tetley took issue with PG Tips's advert that suggested its pyramid-shaped tea bags resulted in a better tasting cuppa because if that were true it might result in fewer sales of its rounded bags. The two giants of the tea world have a lot at stake. Even though PG Tips didn't mention Tetley by name in their advert featuring Johnny Vegas and his monkey, it's not too hard to realise that if a pyrmaid-shaped tea bag delivers a better taste than a circular one, then any brand making circular tea bags potentially stands to lose out. 

Tetley duly complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about PG Tips' advert but their complaints weren't upheld. The ASA didn't think PG Tips had unfairly represented its research or mentioned Tetley specifically. If anything, they thought consumers would be more likely to benefit from the advert's demonstration of the principle at stake: that a pyramid -shaped tea bag allows for more room and quicker infusion, which results in a better taste!

So there we have it, the advertising industry watchdog has ruled in favour of PG Tips and in the process created a lot of positive PR for pyramid-shaped tea bags!

Just goes to show there's no standing in the way of Johnny Vegas and his monkey!