Smash your coffee cup!

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Just when we thought we'd heard and seen it all, some "crazy" New Yorker goes and proves us wrong and shows us all how we can help the planet in simple but very effective ways. How? By smashing your coffee cup of course! After you've drunk it mind you.

In his own words Ben Melinger "took a trip off the corporate track" and was sitting having coffee with his friends one day and started talking about the very coffee cups they were holding in their hands. They figured the average city-coffee-drinker might throw away around 500 paper cups a year, on their way to the office, at lunch, or on their way home. That's a lot of throwing away! Fine you might say if it's a paper cup, it'll be recycled. But we imagine the conversation they were having came up with the question: what if we could stop the need for it to be recycled in the first place? What if we could re-use them instead?


The birth of an idea and after several prototypes and testing later, the SMASH CUP was born.

You can fill it with your favourite brew when you leave home, turning the lid will give it a liquid-tight seal and once you're done, bam! Smash it against a hard flat surface and it collapses. When they say "smash" it, they probably don't literally mean try to smash it, but give it a really good push and it will shrink in shape and size and still be water tight.

You can then drop that into your bag or pocket as the video on shows and refill it just before you leave the office.

What a cool idea :)