Coffee Chill Out

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What is wrong with a hot summer day? Well, sometimes it can be just a little on the uncomfortable side when the heat is oh so close and the sweat is getting on your nerves. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with getting a glass of cool, cold iced coffee and wiping away those little drops of condensation on the side as you get ready to sup upon an instantly refreshing brew.

However, as with everything these days there’s quite a choice of iced coffees out there - so we decided to take a look at some of our favourites:

Iced Cappuccino

This is one of the classic coffees, but when you make it in iced form you can really give it a kick of difference. Once you’ve made your standard ice coffee, add a few shots of chocolate milk to give it a rich, creamy and delicious finish. Get a little air into the drink with an electric frother and then all you need to do is add a some choc dust or a few flakes for the perfect finish.

Cold Brew Coffee

Many people out there make hot coffee and chill it down for their iced coffee, which can often give you a bitter and burnt tasting drink. Have you ever thought of simply getting your standard coffee and brewing it up with some refrigerated water? Just use an aeropress or a French press for something cool, cold, dark and very, very rich.

Coffee White Russian

Want a bit more of a fun-time kick with your coffee? Then why not take the old recipe for the White Russian cocktail and add an extra slice of zing? All you need to do is remove the kahlua and swap if for a couple of shots of espresso and you have all the power of the vodka combined with the pick me up action of the coffee. A great choice on a hot day.


As we’ve seen a boom in US diner style eateries, we’ve also experienced a rise in the different varieties of milkshake now available in the UK, with flavours like peanut butter and oreo regularly making an an appearance on menus everywhere. Enjoy a coffee shake with a little vanilla ice-cream blended up with a few espressos to give yourself a light and delicious cold coffee surprise.

And of course, if you’re thinking of having a cold coffee, then you know where to get the best blend of beans or ground… Take a trip to our coffee pages and you’ll find everything from dark, rich, nutty and chocolatey South American beans through to tangy and citrusy African blends.