South Kiosks at Martello Park and the Hacksaw!

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We’re no braggers that’s for sure but we thought this was such a lovely story that we simply had to share it with you! Sometimes we are prepared to go more than the extra 10 miles to make sure our customers are happy and can serve their coffee on time to their own customers.

Here’s what Kim Christofi from House of Elliot wrote to our lovely Shirley:

Morning Shirley,

It has to be said loudly and through a loudspeaker: "There is no Company that offers such excellent service in the world like Freshpac".

As I sit here reflecting over yesterday, I am simply overwhelmed at the kindness, reassurance and support that was shown towards me by Clive, Graham and Danny. It has really touched my heart Shirley.

Yesterday was a really challenging day and it was bitterly cold with the Freshpac team not having any jackets/coats. Clive was (shaking my head whilst typing and getting tearful) AN ANGEL from heaven. The two fridges arrived only to find that we couldn’t get them through the kiosk door even tho I had ordered slimline. The driver was seriously unhelpful, negative, and kept repeatedly telling us that they won’t go in. I had to walk away at one point.

Clive & Graham took charge of the delivery and together we all managed to get the fridges in through the hatch!! If they hadn't have been at hand, I wouldn't have those fridges in. Graham even borrowed the plumbers hacksaw and cut off the end of the worktop for me so I could open my fridge door ready for trade in three days’ time Graham was such a calming influence and kept telling me to take deep breaths when we discovered that there wasn't a water metre (OMG!!) all we had was the yellow trickle flow plug. Yup!! They managed to fill a coffee machine with water from that - I’m telling you it was a miraculous day and it was difficult to hold back the tears with such a demonstration of kindness Shirley.

It really was a 'pulling together' on such a difficult day. Please, please use me as a point of reference if you ever need testimonials or a customer reference, I would be proud to share my experience, and one I will never forget.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Graham, Clive & Danny, such lovely supportive men. Seriously!! There is no way I could have done it without them Shirley, it was a very challenging bitterly cold day. Roll on Friday.