Top Tea Producing Nations

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We are always taking a look at coffee – probably because it’s our favourite drink and there’s usually a cup in front of us when we’re writing our blogs. However, this week we thought we could shine a spotlight on the good old fashioned mug of tea and take a look at some of the greatest tea producing nations on the planet. Can you guess which one will be top of our list?

Sri Lanka – 250k tonnes

It’s the home of the famous Ceylon teas and the fourth largest producer of tea, Sri Lanka. This blossoming industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country contributing over $1.5 billion dollars to the economy from over 200,000 tea plantations and estates. It has tumbled down this list over the years producing nearly a quarter of all world tea some 20 years ago.

Kenya – 300k tonnes

If you thought Kenya was only good for a few beans and what have you then think again. This African nation that’s usually best known for its blends of coffee is actually the third largest producer of tea. With most of its production coming from small family owned farms this is quite a feat, as the country lacks the extensive plantations of larger producers.

India – 900k tonnes

If you thought that India might be the biggest tea producers then you only just missed out. This country however did not produce tea until the British introduced it here in the late 1700s through the fabled East India Company. It seems the Indians soon took to the drink however with most of the tea produced in this country being consumed instead of exported.

China – 1.7 million tonnes

If you guessed that China is the number one producer of tea in the world, then you got it right. This Far Eastern land leads the list by some distances. It’s hardly surprising when you consider that this certain blends of this drink are considered a delicacy in some regions and tea ceremonies almost have a religious quality to them. Over one third of all tea is produced in China with indigenous blends like green tea, jasmine tea and oolong.

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