The Difference Between Douwe Egberts and Egbert Douwe

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We’re proud to be an approved seller of Douwe Egberts coffee but did you have any idea how or where the Douwe Egberts story began? That’s right, in Friesland! Any idea where that is? It’s a province in the Netherlands. Stick with us, it gets a whole lot more interesting!

The Douwe Egberts site has a lovely timeline with a potted history and beautiful images describing how Egbert Douwe and his wife Akke opened a grocery store in 1753 selling the essentials of the day which included coffee and tobacco.

But why is it called Douwe Egberts and not Egbert Douwe? It seems that is a little story in itself! Egbert and Akka had a son. They named him Douwe and naturally he joined his parents in making the grocery store a success. Douwe’s first wife Ymke sadly died too soon but he remarried and when he himself eventually died in 1806 his second wife Lysbeth carried on the business and named it the Company of the Widow of Douwe Egberts! Hooray. We got there in the end :)