The most expensive coffee in the world!

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Kopi Luwak comes only from Indonesia and is the most expensive coffee in the world! Only 500 kilos of this blend is collected per year. It is made as a result of Palm Civets (a cat like creature) choosing to eat only the finest, ripest cherries from coffee plantations - the stones, which eventually form coffee beans, are then collected by sifting through their excrement! Nice eh! It is classed as a very exclusive blend of coffee and Emma informs us that it has a rather ‘earthy’ taste!

Despite a little hiccup along the way of trying to get it through customs, we’re now in possession of the ground form of this coffee and we’re going to have a tasting session for all our staff imminently! We have to say, its got us frothing with excitement! A first for the Freshpac team and we’ll be sure to update you with our findings!

Photo’s to follow of Emma’s trip to the Coffee Plantation on the island of Bali in Indonesia!