The story of bean to brew

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So we’re all busy bees drinking coffee but do any of us actually know where it comes from? And no, the answer to that question is not the kettle or the vending machine. We mean, how does it go from bean to being in your mug? Who grows it and where is it grown?

There are plenty of people in plenty of countries out there producing great quality coffee beans and we’re only too happy to import them and sell them on to you but the story of bean to brew is actually quite fascinating.

Did you know for example it takes about 9 months for a bean to grow into a plant and produce cherries? It’s just like pregnancy and giving birth! And that the ideal altitude is over 3,000 feet (up the side of a mountain) in a subtropical or tropical climate such as is found in places like Brazil, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Then it undergoes a process that includes harvesting, drying, hulling, polishing, grading and sorting!