Throw your coffee into the Abyss or onto a sledge!

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Look what caught our eye! The sledge coffee table and the Abyss coffee table. And WOW, just look at the price tag! That’s expensive. But then again, art is meant to be expensive isn’t it? And why shouldn’t a coffee table be a work of art? Aren’t we all bored of going to IKEA and struggling to fit a flatpack table together and crying out in frustration when we get to the end and find a spare screw or wooden peg?

No such nonsense with these tables though. These beautiful things come from the creative mind of Christopher Duffy and his design team at Duffy London, a design agency specialising in unique pieces of art combining the practical with the illusionary and the amusing! Check out the Flying Carpet coffee table, the UP balloon coffee table, the Swing table and the Shadow chair if you don’t believe us. These are all handmade pieces and built according to the highest eco-friendly credentials and all in the UK too!