Drinking Coffee Out

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When you go out down your local high street there are literally a ton of places where you can enjoy coffee. So what’s the current geography like when it comes to supping the gorgeous hot stuff?


You know that feeling when you’ve had a great meal? Well what better way to cap off all those fantastic eats than with a brilliant drink? Coffee is now one of the staple after dinner treats, and with many people now swerving things like strong booze and cigars it can be a very nice little end to the meal. Some like the dark, palate cleansing effect of a good strong black coffee, but if you want to get that dessert feeling why not opt for a hazelnut latte?


Well you might think that this is a bit of an obvious one, but nothing quite fits together like café and coffee culture. Sit down for a day with your laptop or breeze through in five minutes and chat with friends. However you like to enjoy this social space, the perfect accompaniment is a good cup of coffee to help reinvigorate you and re-charge your social connections.

Specialist coffee shops

As coffee is rapidly becoming a replacement for the old fashioned British pint, there are a huge number of little bijoux coffee shops popping up here, there and everywhere. These range from simple window based establishments where you can get everything from an African blend to a single South American bean, giving you that gourmet coffee kick on the move. Many of these little places don’t even have seats, but that hasn’t stopped them becoming increasingly popular when compared to the high street super-vendors.


Since the smoking ban, pubs have become a whole lot more cosmopolitan. There’s usually a bit of food knocking around down your local, and if you’re more than lucky they’ll have a coffee machine to boot. Whether you’re looking for that espresso boost before you go on a big days drinking session or simply after something to take the Sunday sting out of the memories of Saturday night, many pub patrons are now preferring to indulge themselves in the splendid range of coffees available.

And home…

Of course, if you prefer to have your coffee in the comfort of your own home, perching on the sofa then you have a huge choice of blends available from the likes of us – Freshpac. We know that everyone has a different palate and need from their drink, so that’s why we have put together an excellent choice of different flavours with a little something for everyone.