Herbal Hangover Cures

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So you’ve been up till well beyond midnight, partying the night away for New Year’s celebrations. However, for every up there is a down and it’s most likely that if you had a little too much to drink, then you’re probably paying for your merriment with a hangover the morning after.

If you find yourself in this unenviable positon, not to worry. Did you know that some of the world’s favourite herbal teas not only taste delicious, but also have the propensity to provide you with more than a little relief from some of the worst symptoms of over-inebriation?

Green Tea

Famed for its restorative properties, green tea is absolutely chock-full of beneficial antioxidants that help clean your liver. With only a slight amount of caffeine this drink will not dehydrate you in the same way as coffee, but still has the power to give you that early morning energy kick to help you on your way.

Peppermint Tea

One of the UK’s favourite herbal teas, peppermint will help remove that dry and mulchy mouth feeling you get in the morning from too much red wine. With famed digestive properties too, this brew will quickly calm down any queasy feelings you might be having, settle your stomach and gently ease nausea away.

Chamomile Tea

If you have a headache and are having trouble generally getting with it, then chamomile tea could be the answer. This soothing brew will take the anxiety and stress of a splitting morning down a notch or two and when combined with a little honey can also work wonders on indigestion, calming your troubled tum.

Ginger Tea

Want something with a little more spice and kick to refresh you in the morning? Ginger offers the perfect blend of mild heat and restorative properties. Another drink that’s known for settling a rumble, this delicious brew is the perfect way to start the morning after the night before.

As a bonus tip, many serious herbal tea aficionados swear by a cup of green tea before they even go out drinking, to prepare their liver for the onslaught of an evening’s libation.

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