What are Horror Characters Favourite Drinks?

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Does Dracula like coffee? Does Frankenstein sip fruit juice? Does the Abominable Snowman like a frosty latte? With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the underworld and undead’s favourite drinks. In this slightly sideways and humorous article we explore some of the choices

Dracula – Earl Grey Tea

Even though the myths say that Dracula cannot drink anything but blood, we all know that’s not actually true. It’s just one of those stories he puts out there to maintain his cruel credentials. Being of nobility and high society, he actually prefers to get his pinky finger curled around the handle of a teacup and sip the delightful flavours of Earl Grey tea out of the appropriately titled bone china.

Werewolf Double Espresso

Have you ever tried to consistently work under the light of the full moon? It’s not easy when you have a day job and then have to go out stalking around and hunting unsuspecting prey. If you think that there’s some supernatural way that werewolves stay in shape, then sadly, you’re wrong. These nocturnal beasts manage their tiredness with a good old Italian style double espresso to chase away the sleep dust from their little eyes.

Frankenstein – Orange Juice

You have to feel sorry for Frankenstein, or of course to give him his proper title Frankenstein’s monster. There’s something that’s quite unpleasant about all those open surgical scars and cuts, which could easily get infected. As a result Frankenstein’s monster likes to sup on orange juice, a well-known source of Vitamin C, helping keep the immune system nice and strong, so he can fight off all kinds of bacterial nasties.

Wicked Witches

Of course, Halloween would not be Halloween without the inclusion of a wicked witch somewhere on our list and they’re last but most certainly not least to be covered. Obviously they used to drink tea, but that’s all changed with the arrival of speciality coffees leaving them more than spoilt for choice. If you’ve guessed where we’re going with this you probably know that these ladies love their pumpkin spice lattes, after all, what else would it be?

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