Coffee and Tea: Modes for Conversation

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Hot drinks are known to promote human interaction, bringing out the warm sides to our personalities. So what kind of topics do people like to converse about when they’re supping on their favourite brew or blend? Some drinks are better suited to some matters than others, so we decided to create our own little language of hot drinks for different subject matters.

Family matters

When it comes to sitting down with your mum and dad, gran or granddad and having a good old catch up about life and your siblings, what more could you want than a traditional cup of tea? It’s the classic drink that will never go away, and part of multi-cultural Britain that transgresses all boundaries bringing old and young together time and time again.

Excitement about opportunities and the future

Are you meeting up to discuss a job interview or a plan to travel abroad for a while? This could well be a high octane conversation or discussion that requires a bit of backbone and oomph to get you in the mood to tackle any of life’s challenges. An americano, the king of black coffees, will give you the crazy energy you need to embrace all the action that could be coming someone’s way in the not too distant future.

Reflection on past glories

Sometimes when old friends come together there’s a tendency to reminisce about all the things you’ve done that bought you closer, wins and losses alike. To take in everything about this kind of conversation you’ll need something to calm the air and give you access to memories that have perhaps been shelved for some time. For this reason we suggest a nice herbal tea, like mint or lavender, to remind you of the sunshine of your friendship.

Love life ups and downs

Uh-oh. Someone’s getting into a relationship and it’s not always easy street. And even when it is, a good friend will often have to issue the warning about running headlong into anything in life. This means that you’ll have to hold a jovial and positive mood throughout the discussion whilst providing a warm and affectionate mode. What drink says hugs more than a flavoured latte?

So there you have it. Our suggestions for your drinking pleasure. Of course, you don’t have to take this list too seriously and you probably won’t. But whatever you choose for refreshment during your one to one time, make sure you choose from the wonderful selections available at Freshpac.