Coffee - Brewing Your Own Vs High Street

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Right now some might argue that coffee houses are more popular than pubs in the UK. With outlets opening all the time on the high street, it’s easy to get a coffee and avoid the process of brewing your own in the work kitchen or at home. However, there are many reasons why you should be swerving the shops in favour of the filter pot…

Have it Your Way

The best thing about making your own coffee is you can get it exactly when you want. You don’t have to leave your home or office to get a cup of the hot stuff, meaning that if you really fancy one just before you go to bed late at night, then you can double espresso yourself all the way to dreamland.

No Queuing

There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for fifteen people to be served before you get your morning cup of coffee. If you have a machine or even a simple filter pot or aero-press then you can be first in line for your cup of caffeinated glory without having to stand in line looking at endless Facebook reposts to pass the time.

Drink Your Own Blend

If you really love your coffee then the chances are you like a gourmet blend. Much of the stuff they serve in many of the popular coffeehouses is the coffee equivalent of a low grade burger bar. Enjoy your own delicious choice of Kenyan or Columbian beans and relax as your hot drink hits all the right notes – because you took the time to choose your perfect coffee selection.

Costs a Whole Lot Less

Let’s be honest here, some of these coffee places seem like a licence to print money. The cardboard cups that the drink is served in are possibly more expensive to make than the hot drink that sits in them. Yes, from a business perspective you can argue about the costs of the venue and establishment, but when you’re taking your coffee to go it seems a little on the steep side. Make your own coffee with a bag of decent ground coffee costing as much as two cups from a popular outlet.

Resist Temptation

Most coffee places these days don’t simply sell coffee. Many of them go the whole hog and provide you with a load of choices for eats and edible stuff too. Usually lined up on the counter to try to tempt you as you queue for your coffee. Resist this calorific fair by simply never engaging with it from your own kitchen.

If you’re convinced by this article and you want to brew your own coffee, then why not check out the blends available at Freshpac. We love our coffee and we’ve put together a superb selection that brings your some superb blends.