You never make the tea!

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Ever had that accusation thrown at you? No problem. Now you can resolve the "whose turn is it anyway?" question with this handy tea-making app!

As featured in Men's Health and .Net magazine, the tea round app is available on the App Store and is guaranteed to settle the score and keep things fair and square. No  one gets off Scott free or gets to sneak in and get a cuppa for nothing.

In four simple steps you can be sure you'll always get your cuppa and know that everyone is pulling their weight:

1. Create a new tea round.

2. Add in the tea drinkers.

3. Shake, tap or spin your phone and heh presto! It's like a Magic 8 ball - the brewer's name appears before your very eyes!

4. Then they deliver the goods (smile not necessarily included)

Now that's what I'm talking about!