The World's Most Expensive Teas

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There’s nothing like a good cup of tea. However there is also nothing like many of the teas on our list, which are amongst the most expensive in the world. With fine teas in the Far East having a similar providence and status as wine in the West, as you would expect there are some truly expensive brews out there.

In our list we take a look at four of the world’s most highly priced teas. Some of these cost so much we’d be surprised if anyone ever drank them, simply passed around the tea as a financial commodity as it’s too big an investment to ever drink a cup.

Da Hong Pao

This is a dark oolong tea. Its name literally means big red robe and it’s grown in the Wuyi Mountains. There are only a few bushes that sit in a single cluster that make up the Da Hong Pao blend, famous for their healing properties which allegedly helped cure a the mother of a Ming dynasty emperor. This tea is amongst the most costly in the world with an ounce costing over $1000.

Yellow Gold Tea Buds

Produced by TWG tea of Singapore, the yellow gold tea buds are actually painted with real gold. Harvested with golden scissors and only made from the very top of the tea plant, this blend has a rich floral flavour that comes complete with a metallic aftertaste, considered extremely desirable by many connoisseurs. At $480 for 50g, this is certainly a brew to savour.

Panda Dung Tea

Unlike the famous bat dropping tea that actually goes through a bat’s intestine, panda dung coffee is actually just fertilised with the droppings of this endangered species. The tea is not as rare as some of the other blends on the list, however the top price paid for a single ounce was $3,500 in 2012.

PG Tips Diamond Anniversary

In unbeatable style the famous British tea brand PG created one of the most costly bags of tea going. We’re talking about a diamond encrusted tea bag that retailed at around £15,000 a bag, substantially out-pricing everything else on the list, you have to question whether anyone would ever show these bags a spoon, milk and hot water.

Do any of these blends of tea actually taste better than the tea available for less money in a more humble presentation? Well we have not been privileged enough to try any of these blends, but according to the experts they’re truly something else.

However if you’d like to experience some particularly tasty teas that only come in at a fraction of the price on this list - then check our varieties in our online shop.