Unic Tango Duo

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Designed for high turnover and therefore ideal product for customers who are looking for consistency - can deliver up to 450 cups per day.


2 independent boilers for coffee and steam 6.5 L each

Customisable icons and buttons

2 independent steel pistons for patented infusion system

Unlimited Steam Capacity

24 programmable drinks

4 cups of coffee can be made at the same time

Convenient telescopic dis-mountable coffee spouts

Full size internal rotating motorised pump

2 bean hoppers with 3.75 Lb. capacity each

Day and night mode (energy save)

1-Step System with refrigerators on each or one side

Temperature regulated steam wand Spout extension for carafes for hotel service

1 Hot water outlet Self-Service mode

Low beans warning 3 level Cup Warmer with tray " holds up to 150 cups

Auto clean cycle

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Unic Tango Duo