Unic Tango Solo

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Designed for high turnover and ideal product for customers who are looking for
consistency - can deliver up to 300 cups per day.


Waste bin holds up to 130 used espresso cycles

Steel frame work with epoxy painted finish

6.5 Liter boiler

Customisable icons and buttons

Machined steel piston for patented infusion system

Exceptional extraction quality, obtained through full

control of 8 infusion parameters

Unlimited Steam Capacity

12 programmable drinks

2 cups of coffee can be made at the same time

Convenient telescopic dis-mountable coffee spout

Full size internal rotating motorized pump

2 bean hoppers with 3.75 Lb. and 2.6 Lbs. capacity

Day and night mode (energy save)

1-Step System with refrigerator on the side

Temperature regulated steam wand Spout extension for carafes for hotel service

1 Hot water outlet Self-Service mode

Low beans warning

Auto clean cycle

3 level Cup Warmer with tray " holds up to 150 cups

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Unic Tango Solo