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With the A400, Franke is bringing the premium technology of its professional machines into a new class.

It now makes the most sophisticated coffee experience available to all – including convenience stores, retailers, offices, the hotel industry, book stores, bakeries, etc. Now every business can enjoy the finest coffee.


  • Professional technology: The innovations of the A series set the standard, even in small businesses.
  • Easy operation: Ideal also for self-service, thanks to the interactive touchscree.
  • The finest milk foam: The FoamMaster™ technology is in a class of its own.
  • Maximum cleanliness, automatically: A fully automatic cleaning system guarantees a safe process and good hygiene.
  • Long-term value creation: The modular, flexible A400 adapts to every challenge.



The Franke A600 is a state of the art commercial coffee machine. Designed to quickly and easily deliver the full spectrum of hot beverages and flavoured coffees, the A600 excels in creating coffee products with quality, authenticity and precision.

The eight-inch colour touch screen with crystal clear resolution is the perfect interface for both staffed and self-service areas. Intuitive menu prompts result in straightforward, efficient operation. The selection of beverages can be set individually and adapted to your exact requirements.


  • Crystal clear, intuitively operated display
  • Large sized bean hoppers that are easy to access
  • Brewing unit can be easily exchanged (patented system)
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Direct access to the coarseness settings in the ceramic grinder – and all without the use of any tools



The Franke A800 offers exceptional variety whilst delivering the highest performance to meet any demand. The triple boiler system ensures that this Franke bean to cup coffee machine can easily produce large orders simultaneously.

Not only can this coffee machine provide high quantities, it can also do it with speed, consequently reducing waiting times and increasing sales. The ability to undertake multiple tasks at once, such as brewing coffee, foaming milk, and producing hot water, means that this bean to cup machine is particularly efficient.


  • FoamMaster included as standard
  • 10.4 inch Touch Screen
  • 2 different chocolate hoppers
  • Up to 3 different coffee hoppers
  • 12 months warranty



Designed to exceed your wildest beverage dreams, the Franke A1000 is a fully automatic machine with an unprecedented drinks selection.

Built upon years of expertise, experience and innovated, this Franke bean to cup machine allows for ultimate personalisation to any drink selection. Able to produce a spectacular range of drinks, from coffee specialities to indulgent hot chocolates and even creamy flavoured milk drink with the use of the flavour station, the coffee machine will impress any customer. With the option for six flavours within the flavour station, the possibilities are endless.


  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation on a 10 inch panel with HD video and sound
  • Easy operation: Ideal also for self-service, thanks to the interactive touchscreen
  • Cashless self-payment system allows for complete self service. (sold separately)
  • Makes up to 300 cups of perfect coffee, espressos, lattes, mochas, and more an day that will delight any coffee lover!
  • Achieve additional sales through the easy placement of advertising messages and images on the display
  • New intelligent refrigeration unit for up to two types of milk with two parallel refrigeration circuits, including FoamMaster™ milk foam
  • Patented brew unit brews perfect cups of coffee every time
  • Enhance your beverages with up to six different coffee flavors (flavor station sold separately)
  • 2 grinders standard with a third optional grinder available (Additional grinder sold separately)
  • Optional AS Autosteam S2 steam wand will automatically shut off the temperature preventing milk from overheating and ruining the quality of the foam. (Sold separately).
  • Optional ASP Autosteam Pro S3 steam wand not only automatically shuts off the temperature to protect the quality of your foam but shuts off the foam as well when it reaches the perfect quantity. (Sold separately).
  • Two 2.5 lb locking bean hoppers
  • Two locking powder hoppers
  • 3 boilers for hot water, coffee preparation, and steam for high capacity levels
  • Four operating modes
  • IoT allows you to access the unit from a smartphone or tablet
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Fully automatic cleaning system with CleanMaster technology utilizes a cartridge so you don’t have to mix cleaning chemicals yourself
  • Professional installation included and a 1 year scheduled maintenance program available



The Vari+ Grande Premium has a LCD tounch screen display and offers up to 48 different drinks selections. It has an advanced veritherm heating system capable of controlling temperatures in each component of every drink.

The induction boiler means that the machine never holds hot water which makes this machine one of the most energy efficient to date. The machine has up to four canisters. One for beans, one for soluble milk and one for soluble chocolate powder and the final canister can be tailored for any one of, skinny milk, decaffeinated coffee or soup.


  • 7” touch screen for a fun and contemporary interface
  • A large-capacity, transparent hopper for coffee beans on top.



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